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Introduction to Project

Gene set Disease Association (GDA) is a web-based application that assesses enrichment of a gene set within a set of disease genes and displays the results using a new visualization strategy. The assessed overrepresentation of a gene set among a disease gene set by our method gains strengh from pooling disease-gene associations from subtypes of disease using a hierarchical taxonomy of disease (a publication is in submission). The new strategy that visualizes a tree structure as a simplified triangular form facilitates high-level analysis of the results.

* Analyze Your Data
you can upload your own query gene set, assess the overrepresentation of the gene set among disease gene sets, and download the results. The visualization will be generated for a user and kept for 14 days since generated.

* View Our Research Analysis
we analyzed the enrichment of 9 different development gene sets and posted the results here.

* How to cite us: Finding Novel Molecular Connections between Developmental Processes and Disease, Jisoo Park, Heather C. Wick, Daniel E. Kee, Keith Noto, Jill L. Maron, and Donna K. Slonim, PLOS Computational Biology, 2014, DOI:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1003578

About us: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Research Group at Tufts University

* Please note that the visualization MIGHT NOT work properly with internet explorer (IE). Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are compatible with our visualization.